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There are more and more Encephalartos producing cones in New Zealand these days, and more people pollinating their own plants. Here are just a few words and pictures so you have an idea what you see as they come off the cones. People find it hard to grasp how a seed looks good but is […]


The Cycads is a two-volume set, in which volume 1 covers cycads of Asia and Australia, and volume 2 those of Africa and the Americas. Bill Pepperill I have both books. If you are a cycad book collector, you have to have these two books. If you are a grower looking for new and innovative photos and study you […]


By David Binney Before starting … a disclaimer: I’m a palm and cycad beginner. My early botanical interest has been in vireya rhododendrons. In the 1990s, trips into the mountains of Indonesia and Borneo enabled the collection of plant material and seed for the collections at Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh, and even to bring seed back […]


those wanting the new book/books by Loran Whitelock and Duke Benadom can order them from Australia from Will Kraa  at

I have a pile of the more common green leaf species available if anyone is interested.Some are from  2015 cone harvest while others are 2014


As you know we are currently int he early stages of relaunching the Palm and Cycad Society digital community. The good news is we have a truck load of content from over 20 years of articles that have featured in the society’s magazine. The challenge now will be finding people who are keen to tell […]


By Fiona Macrae for the Daily Mail 29 July 2009 Usually it is a simple matter, involving a sheet of newspaper, a trowel and a bag of compost. But when the future of the world’s oldest pot plant is at stake, repotting becomes a much more complicated process. It took nine gardeners, a crane and […]


By Mark Scragg Further to Markís previous article on cycads in NZ he now deals with some of the problems and solutions involved with growing cycads here and some adaptations that are necessary for optimum growth Any of you interested in cycads are of course even more interested in growing them in NZ and which […]