Events - Palm and Cycad Society of New Zealand

This events page is for any and all Palm and Cycad events happening in¬†Australasia. Please email us if you have an event you’d like us to include. Send an image and details of the event to info@palmandcyad

The annual Palm Sunday sale is on April 9th, 9am – 4pm although if it’s like last year get in quick. We have amazing palms and cycads, rare, not so rare and all at better prices than retail. Come meet the experts, ask questions and get a bargain.

The event is in conjunction with the NZ Bromeliad society so you’ll have lots of great plants to choose from!

9am-4pm, Sunday April 9th

Auckland Botanic Gardens 02 Hill Rd, The Gardens, Auckland 2105


Garden Tours

The society is hoping to organise 3 garden tours by the end of summer. Please email us if you have a garden you’d like to show or if you have any ideas on where we should go.